Let The Weekend Begin


Really, it’s 5:24am and he’s up rummaging through the house for laundry to do.  I’m not gonna move!  It’s Saturday, my day to sleep in and enjoy this posturepedic bed she got me.  5:28am, oh boy he’s coming in this room to seek laundry.  5:31am, is that the washer I hear.  Oh geez, was I saved or what…………..

Allow me to introduce myself.  I’m the Doodle,  Labordoodle that  is.  I’m 2.5 years old.  This is my third family.  I have lived most of my life in a kennel.  It’s nice to have a home, but I sometimes wonder how I’m gonna deal with this autism thing everyday.  Day in and day out.  Stick with me and I’m sure we’ll get through it all, but holly crap this kid gets up early!

Talk to The Doodle

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