NO there is NOT going to be a WEDDING!




Oy vey, my head is still spinning from yesterday.  I had nightmares last night about weddings. Everyday I wake up in this house, I think it’s gonna be a great day.  Who the heck am I kidding? This is an extremely dysfunctional family.  

Yesterday the boy was stuck on “weddings.”  Yup, you read that right “weddings.” Now you understand my nightmares. I’m thinking is this guy out of his mind. He’s got it all, great house, someone to help him out, feed him and he wants a BRIDE!  What the heck, I’m NOT getting me a nag, it’s bad enough that I have HER.  So as of today I now understand that he is not going to marry Katie because she is not a bride.  She is the big sister.  I think my doodle ears heard that same exact statement around 725 times yesterday.  It got to the point that I just covered my ears with my paws.  If I could talk I would have said, “Kid enough with the darn wedding stuff because frankly I don’t give a damn.”

All in all I can’t complain about the day.  It was a tad up and down but over-all not bad.  We had 2 screaming issues over……. I have no flippin idea what but they lasted for about 10 minutes each.  I think at one time I sat too close to the boy (yup, sometimes that starts a screaming episode.  Sometimes I do it on purpose).  He told me to move back and I did, what the heck does he want?  I’m just a dog after all.  

After the screaming episode we went right back in to the wedding talk about Katie not being the bride and she was only the big sister.  Yes, I understand that repetitive behaviors is common in autism, but what is a Doodle to do?

How to respond: summary -Ask yourself if the obsession, routine or repetitive behaviour restrict your child’s opportunities, cause distress or discomfort or impact on learning. If not, is it really necessary to intervene? Think about the function of the repetitive behaviour, routine or obsession. 

We just ran errands yesterday.  While at Publix the boy was in a rather happy mood pushing the cart and he was actually dancing in the aisles and to think they would throw me out if I barked in the aisle (disruptive service dog or something, yeah us dogs always get blamed).  The boys not much on food.  He remains me of myself.  We both eat the same things over and over.  Hmm maybe I am like the boy………..

Well here’s to all to have a dandy doodle day and if it’s your wedding day……….long and happy live to ya!


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