11 Signs of Autism: is it true?

I love pictures - autism signs

I love pictures – autism signs


Being the Doodle that I am I thought I should look into this stuff. What are the signs of autism?  I found this picture thing the other day when I was looking for food.  Yeah I surf the internet looking at food.

I always like pictures.  I never really read the articles.  I just look at the pictures.

Here we go:

  1.  Inability to relate to children or adults – well he sorta has ….no on the other paw, he actually likes people.  He just doesn’t know how to interact the right way.  Like walking up to a stranger girl and telling her she has beautiful eyelashes probably isn’t the best thing to do, but hey I dig it because then the pretty girls ask if they can pet me. OH YEAH!  I’m loving autism!

  2.  Poor speech or lack of speech – there ain’t no way in doggie do- land that this boy has lack of speech.  He says the same things over and over and over and well you get it.  Before I knew that was a sign of autism I just thought he thought I was a dumb dog and needed things repeated.  I wanted to say hey bud I’m a Doodle and Doodles rock.  Now truth be told he can’t carry any conversation, so check on this one.

  3. Over sensitivity or under sensitivity to noises- oh yeah he don’t like loud noises, but me either. What the hell is with the kid in this neighborhood anyway, doesn’t he know that the freaking 4th of July is well over or did he just get a great discount on those damn noise makers? If I find him I’m gonna chew up his favorite stuffed bear or pair of socks.   It really throws the BOY and me for a loop almost every night.  WE HATE LOUD STUFF.

  4.  Inappropriate toy play – Toys, he don’t even play with them.  Give him a computer and well I guess that’s a toy.  He just throws my toys away.  I’m like hey dude SHE bought that for me and your throwing it away. This could mean war. Service buddy or NOT.

  5. Difficulty dealing with changes in routine – Holly crap, now I get it.  This is why the boy has meltdowns,  Well on his behalf I don’t like it if SHE says I’m gonna get to go for a ride with the top down and then like nope no ride.  Life is a bummer sometimes, but I don’t slam things and scream and yell.  Hmm…maybe I should try it. check on this one

  6.  Inappropriate laughter or crying – You mean he’s not in a happy mode when he starts laughing like that.  I’ve been doing the doodle dance thinking oh yeah the BOY is happy because of me.  Guess all that acting of running after my tail does crap for him. check

  7.  Lack of awareness of danger – ah ha the doodles on it now.  This is why SHE is training me to look before we cross the street, the BOY doesn’t get it, oh he usually looks one way but she makes me do it now.  OH A DOODLE IN CHARGE! check

  8.  Hyperactivity or passiveness – and I thought it was from all the coke he drank.  When he’s cranked he’s cranked.  Even as a doodle I can’t keep up to him.  Hey what the heck is SHE doing, making me a RESPITE provider? Oh NO we’re gonna talk about this………

  9.  Over sensitivity or under sensitivity to touch – YUP that’s the BOY.  He don’t want anyone touching him or he don’t touch anyone.  Heck, he hates my beautiful fur, but he wants me near him, cause if I leave the room he tells me to come back, BUT DON’T TOUCH THE BOY!  He hugs her from behind and always yells at HER if she touches HIM. double check

  10.  Strange attachment to objects- and yeah I thought he was an organized hoarder of strange things. check

  11.  Lack of eye contact – I’m not to sure about this because if I ever take some time and look at him to see what he’s doing he yells at me to stop looking.  A Doodle can’t win.

Yup, this Doodle is confirming the BOY has autism.  If you know anyone that shows a couple  of these signs don’t call me the Doodle, make an appointment with your doctor (so why do they call people who help people get better doctors and people who help Doodles get better Vets, makes no sense to me).  Early intervention is important.  SHE thinks early glasses of wine help but SHEs confused as usual.

Hope this helps.  Have a Dandy Doodle Day.  You the rock! Peace and love a doodle!

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