Peanuts Cause Anger



When a Doodle knows…a Doodle knows.

I knew it.  SHE was gonna be ANGRY.

DOG (I think I’m supposed to say this SHE says man, so I guess I’m supposed to say DOG)

So here’s how it happened. The GIRL arrives home from the office. SHE is on the phone. SHE looks a tad tired but happy.  I run up to her with my tail waggin,” thinking this should soften the blow, lick, wag, lick, and the BOY comes out to welcome her home (like nothing happened and everything is just like every other day.  I have to admit he’s slick like that. I must take notes.  I gotta stop putting my tail between my legs when I do something wrong).

The GIRL opens a chewy bone she brought home for me and I’m like oh yeah, this is perfect.   (I can just act like I’m chewing on a bone and know NOTHING)  SHE goes to throw the wrapper from my bone in the trash (yes, we only use the word TRASH here.  The BOY insists on the word TRASH.  He’s funny like that with words)  and as SHE opens the trash lid SHE sees IT.

SHE immediately tells the phone (i don’t understand these phone things) 

I GOT TO GO! and then says


SHE yells to the BOY, WTH is this?  Why are there 6 cans of peanuts opened and thrown into the trash? ( I know you can’t see all the peanuts but have you ever taken a photo with paws? Trust a Doodle there are 6 cans of peanuts in there.  I actually sat right by him while he did it)


 The BOY now goes from 0 to blast off and starts screaming at HER (it’s like he’s trying to make it her fault, he’s good).  I’m just chewing on the bone, damn it’s a good one.  SHE continues to attempt to question the boy, but he ain’t giving any answers (something else I need to work on.  He’s good) He just continues to say, “I don’t know, I don’t know, I’m sorry, I don’t know.”

AND THEN……………………………

My ears perk  up when I hear the BOY call her  GOAT FACE! Yup, goat-face, that’s really, really bad. I know it may not sound like anything to you, BUT  one thing I’ve learn in my short time within this dysfunctional family unit is that goat face is worse than using the “F” word (and she don’t tolerate that).  The BOY is mad and the GIRL is really mad.  They are both ANGRY, and I’m thinking PEANUTS MAKE YOU ANGRY.  Am I missing something here. She asks the BOY again what the heck was he thinking. She then asked him do you know how much money you just threw in the TRASH? (I’m thinking SHE has really lost it today….of course he doesn’t know…… he doesn’t get money AT ALL,…… but damn this bone is good) She’s saying something like $24 in peanuts …….  


Then the GIRL WARNING comes.  

If you call me goat face 1 more time you will have no television or ipad tonight.  GASP……now I’m getting upset because my favorite show is on tonight and when the BOY loses TV so do I. Come on BOY, don’t say it, chew, chew, chew, don’t,  chew, don’t


GREAT there goes the Doodle’s night.

It was a rather quiet night in this Doodle’s house and the GIRL still has no idea why the BOY threw out 6 cans of peanuts, but on our nightly walk SHE did say SHE should have handled it differently and I just looked at her and thought what do I know I’m only the DOODLE and I’m never gonna repeat how that BOY just opened those cans and threw 1 after another in the TRASH.  I hate Peanuts so to be honest I didn’t give a crap.

Another bone?????

Sometimes the strangest things happen, but in the end if no one is hurt and it can be fixed then all is well. 

Peace, hugs and love a DOODLE night to ya.  Wag on Doodle………

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