Tidy Laundry and Autism Relations



We went for a LONG walk.

She was quiet.

The BOY is buzzing around the house like a hornet. He’s gone through almost a roll of paper towels today, 3567 gallons of water, 2 bottles of laundry detergent and 10 cans of soda.

Water on the kitchen counters IS NOT TOLERATED!!!


How many paper towels does it take to wipe off a drop? Well the BOY thinks at least 4.

The washing machine has not stopped all day. I think we are the only family that keeps the Maytag man in business. The BOY is diligent about laundry. HE changes his clothes about 37.5 (the half is when he leaves the same top or bottom on that he had on for at least 22 minutes) times a day on a slow day.

HE would probably be happy if I had a large wardrobe instead of all this fur just so HE could launder more.   I don’t get it ……laundry. Why isn’t he more like me? I really dig a long sniff, a walk in the woods and a good tree to lift my leg on. That’s it, all simple things. I just don’t get this stuff he does over and over. Why doesn’t he just settle for a good nap. Laundry just ain’t FUN. Naps are FUN. Must be that autism thing again.



I have to hand it to him the house is clean and tidy. It would help if he preferred dusting…..but he is tidy

TIDY…..that’s another problem.

The GIRL spends most of her time while home searching for things that the BOY has put away and when she asks him where he put them HE gives that really cool answer of I DON”T KNOW. The GIRL then spends great lengths of time searching for things and mumbling things like, “I feel like I’m losing my mind, I just can’t keep up to him.

It makes me nervous when SHE talks to herself.  I makes me think they will remove me from the home.

I’m totally exhausted today. The BOY has not stopped.  He’s still buzzing through the house.  I’m Doodled out……oh no another LOAD OF LAUNDRY……………….pop sizzzzzzzz

Support Autism!

Peace hugs and love a Doodle.

4 thoughts on “Tidy Laundry and Autism Relations

    • Aww thanks Laura. Truth be told it’s been really tough and this is my new release. The Doodle hasn’t even started yet. I was too tired tonight. He is a doll. He moves like a horse. It’s the funniest thing. Thanks for the support


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