10 Signs You Know You’re an Autism Mom


DOODLE DOODLE DOODLE how did you ever get so handsome? I ask myself that question all the time.

So I think over the last 6 months I have figured out how you know if SHE is a mother of a child with autism.

Here are 10 signs I’ve sniffed out. They ain’t in any order. I hate order. The BOY loves order.

  1. Yup, you’re an autism mom when the salesclerk at the cosmetic store knows you by name because you are in there on a regular basis and the clerk never knows what product to sell you to cover the dark circles under your eyes from lack of sleep.
  1. Yup, you’re an autism mom when you speak and understand this very strange language that few understand, especially a Doodle. You say things like my child has an IEP, but first we needed to get a FUBA to get a BIP and yes he attended ESY but I think we need a CBA instead of a CaBA in the house. I’m like hello is that IGLOO talk. At first I thought great, SHE is speaking in code around me and thought being the determined Doodle that I am I would figure it out. THIS AIN’T no CODE. It’s a language of special needs. http://nichcy.org/families-community/acronyms

  2. Yup, you’re an autism mom when the clickers and shakers in society (those are the people that when your child is doing something that may not be (noticed I said MY NOT BE) totally accepted in society they stand there clicking their tongues and shaking their heads, saying things like, “that child is disgusting, if that was my child, all that child needs”….. and the mom turns around and says, “oh my do I have something in my teeth,” or “is there something on my shirt,” or I tinkle in my fur when she says, “isn’t it great how good he is today.” That one gets the looks. I now always hold my tail a little higher on that one.

  3. Yup, you’re an autism mom when your car has more miles on it in a year than most people do in 3 years because you’re running your child from one end of town to another to get therapy, make a buddy date (now those are special) or for an educational program. I’m not complaining about this because the Doodle LOVES the car. Oh, yeah, we’re going for a RIDE! I do have dogoggles!

  4. Yup, you’re an autism mom when you can basically quote the federal and state statues. You know the 504, IDEA, ADA and the ESE regulations of the state and guardianship laws. At first I thought SHE was an attorney rattling off all that legal mumble jumble stuff and I thought DOG I’m gonna eat good at this house. I’m happy to get the bone. http://nichcy.org/laws/idea

  5. Yup, you’re an autism mom when you walk into a room and you suddenly stop and ask what that noise is or that flicker and everyone looks at you like you had several martinis before walking in the room. Yeah the GIRLS eyes and ears are almost as sharp as mine now. I dig it. She picks up the squirrels before me. http://sensorysmarts.com/signs_of_spd.html

7.Yup, you’re an autism mom when you always have a pair of scissors in your bag JUST IN CASE you need to cut a tag out of clothing that is making him NUTS. http://sensorysmarts.com/signs_of_spd.html

8.Yup, you’re an autism mom when you are starting to display some of the characteristics yourself because you realize it’s easier than dealing with society. Oh SHE gets goofy on me. I’m like yeah, I’m a service dog and umm she’s going into a preautismania. We better leave.

9.Yup, you’re an autism mom when your house is no longer your sanctuary because you always have therapists and coordinators coming in and going, so you’re always cleaning because you don’t want them to think you live like a slob, but you’re exhausted from all the cleaning that now you just throw everything in one room that you make sure is closed when they come. Look I think SHE does swell with this. I never find Dirty Underware on the floor not even socks. What fun is that for a Doodle.

  1. Yup, you’re an autism mom when your night of fun means you open a bottle of wine, put on your pajamas and get to sit in your room alone for 31 minutes.

Peace hugs and love a doodle. Support autism.

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