Is it Autism or Natural



Hello Doodlers in Autism.

Look at me! I’ve got Teddy.

I love Teddy. BUT….. I am not allowed near Teddy. I love to smell him, nibble on his ears, and literally just pull his stuffing out (according to the GIRL I AM NEVER, NEVER, EVER TO DO THAT). Strength Doodle have will power.

Teddy is the BEAR in this house.

He is the BOYs BEAR. Now I told you in the beginning the BOY I call BOY isn’t really a BOY but he is to me, so I call him BOY. He is actually an adult who has been out of school (he was in school until he was 22, that’s the law for special education) for several years. So…the BOY isn’t a BOY, but to the Doodle he is, and oh while we are on that subject the GIRL ain’t near a girl BUT I call her that, it’s probably why she likes me.

To the BOY Teddy is his friend.

The BOY often says,” the only one I got”. (people with autism don’t usually have friends, it’s sorta sad, but that is just how it is)

Many times when we are out and the BOY starts to get a little bored or nervous, HE will say we need to get home before Teddy worries about us.

I just sit there and roll my eyes and want to yell, “BOY, he’s a bear…a stuffed bear and stuffed bears DON’T CARE.” But to the BOY he’s special, just as I guess I am special, so I don’t open my bark.

The stuffed BEAR caused a HUGE issue with HER. From what I understand the BOY used to have a lion that he carried everywhere when HE was little. If they left the lion somewhere they would drive hours to get it back or the BOY would melt down for days. The lion went to school with the BOY to friends’ houses, to restaurants, to bed, to the bathroom, to dinner and wherever the BOY went the lion went. No this is not Mary had a little lamb story, don’t get excited, but now Mary…..ok she’s another story.

Back to the lion………..

The lion disappeared one day. I’m sure the GIRL had something to do with it because she thought the BOY was too big (he was 10 or 12) to be carrying a stuffed lion around and guess what someone gave the BOY a pretty box wrapped in pretty paper with a bow and guess what was inside?  (yup Teddy’s pretty old too)

THE BEAR who became TEDDY.

The GRIL was not too happy with this and it took her a long time to come to the conclusion that it was OK for the BOY to have a stuffed bear even if he wasn’t a little BOY anymore.

SHE thought long and hard about this and decided that many people had stuffed animals or dolls as adults. It had nothing to do with autism or having a disability.  It was downright NATURAL.  It was just what they did with them that made the difference.

The difference was if HE would bring the BEAR everywhere then it was NOT natural as an adult to have a stuffed bear that they brought everywhere BUT it was OK it he stayed at home. SO….TEDDY NEVER leaves the house (poor bear).

So the bear got to stay and he stays in the BOYS room on the BOYS bed. The BOY sits with him often and me the Doodle….well I sneak in whenever I can just to smell the bear and nibble on his shoulder…………He is just PEACE and CALM.I know why the BOY likes him.


Peace hugs love a doodle and support autism.



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