Autism with Disney and Fur



WTH was she thinking going to Hollywood Studios today….. She has lost it! According to Marina Jurica, the meteorologist in Orlando, who the BOY talks about ALL the time (I’ll fill you in on that later), the heat index was over the top in Florida today, but the GIRL thought it would be a good idea.

At least the OTHER GIRL knew better and decided to just go and get healthy in the morning for a run. You know the OTHER GIRL she’s the one that the BOY likes and has that little white furry son that I like. He’s just really LITTLE and hard to ruff play with, but I like him. He shares. I think he’s little cause she only gives him little bowls that my nose don’t even fit in to eat out of. How’s a boy to grow without food. Anyway, the OTHER GIRL didn’t come. She was SMART.

So the BOY, the GIRL and me…the Doodle headed to Hollywood Studios to be fried like those old egg commercials, this is your brain on drugs. If you don’t know it …….GOOGLE IT.

YUP…have you ever worn a fur coat with mittens to the beach? The GIRL did bring my portable water bowl and man was I happy for that, BUT SHE also brought the Frogg Toggs Chili Cool Pads for HER and HIM( these are things that runners use to cool down) but she didn’t bring one for me or even let me use one. The BOY doesn’t like them.

GIRL: Here put this on you it will keep you cool

BOY: (loudly) NO, I HATE THAT, Don’t touch me with that.  DON’T I HATE IT. TAKE IT AWAY

GIRL: It will help you stay cool


CROWD: All stare, what does he mean he’s not hot??

ME: Tongue hanging out…. I was like GIRL…. the BOY doesn’t like the feel of that THING but Doodle would love it. BUT NOOOOOO, she just gave me more water.

The GIRL maps out the day for the BOY. This greatly helps with his anxiety. She takes the map and with a pen puts the order of the day. 1. Beauty & the Beast, 2. Muppets, 3. Lunch 4. Movie Ride 5. Mike & Scully (now that’s a big furry guy. I pulled him aside and said Scully we need to talk. He thought man the heat is really getting to me. This Doodle is talking to me). She NEVER puts too much for a day. Just enough.The GIRL tries to plan carefully so the BOY has to wait in lines but not something like 80 minutes. SHE doesn’t use the fast passes unless really needed. SHE truly believes it is teaching opportunity for the BOY.  How to wait is just what real life is. BUT WHAT ABOUT ME……HELLO DOODLE HERE.

Besides saying, “Soon after we finish we can take the shuttle and go back home to Teddy. Teddy may be missing me.,” around 55 times (easy day). GIRL: Teddy is fine. He is happy you are here. ME: Can I take this flippin fur coat off…..hugh COME ON!!!!  Why didn’t she listen to Marina Jurica?  Why was I chosen for this job. WHY???? Damn it’s HOT.

The BOY sang all the songs in Beauty and the Beast and knew what was gonna happened at the Muppets before it actually happened and once again sang every song in the Little Mermaid. He LOVED them all and I must say as a Doodle, he did AWESOME. HE said excuse me when he bumped into people. They just grunted and looked at me like GIRL why do you have a fur coat on that one.

Besides being hot I was having some other difficulties. The damn kids wanted to pet me and the stupid  parents were pushing their strollers right in my feet. No apologies, they just rolled right on.  NICE I wanted to rip their ears off. RUDE. JUST RUDE. The BOY was one of the nicest, most polite persons there. He would say, “Oh pardon me, excuse me BOY and panting FUR BALL coming through.”

So five hours at Disney, sweating at least 3 doodle pounds off we headed back on the tram. The BOY enjoyed himself and the GIRL was exhausted.   It was good for the BOY to try something fairly new and do so well at. He wasn’t there since he was very small and it was a REAL disaster then.


If something doesn’t work at first with your child with ASD always try again. Maybe use a schedule and review it well before you go. The GIRL researches all the times and things before going and always goes through with the BOY beforehand.  I think it really helps. She must have been a girl scout.


Peace hugs love a doodle and support autism

*horse droppings

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