Is that Frisbee Autism


Well lay me down and roll me over today was one doggone ditty dancing day.

Which reminds me if they say when it rains you need to learn to dance in the rain, I must be the best damn dancer for a doodle of course.

The BOY went to work today. Yeah, HE has a job. HE works about 4 hours three days a week at a resort in the pool hut (of course it is something with laundry). HE folds the towels, helps the girls hand them out to guests (heck yeah it goes over real swell when a guest asks a question. “I DON’T KNOW,”) and he does some laundry from the spa. HE loves going to work. Everyone there knows him and me of course. I dig it cause all the girls there fuss over me. Some days I act like I can’t do anything on my own….oh yeah…those girls just make a Doodle like me smile.

The BOY is usually up and ready for his job by 5am (of course earlier than his usual holiday days). His driver picks him up at 8:15am, but he is always up and ready well before she decides to roll in the driveway.

The GIRL helped carve the job out for him. Like she went there, found out what everyone did in a day and took the parts that he could do and made it into one job. He does the same thing as everyone but just a little different. The coolest thing is the OTHER GIRL works there…you know the one with the little furry guy that’s so little cause she doesn’t give him a big enough bowl to get the nourishment that he needs to grow like me. She is always there if the BOY needs something and that makes the GIRL’s tummy smile knowing someone is there watching out for the BOY besides me, the Doodle, but heck I can’t speak Spanish.

When the BOY finished work today, BOY 2 came by. He’s so cool. He takes the BOY and me everywhere. BOY 2 comes almost every day and the three of us hang out and do guy stuff. You know drink, gamble, fart, and watch sports. How doodlesome is that?

Today was double Ds (doodle delicious) because we went to play Frisbee golf.

Oh yeah, a Doodle’s dream it is. First the ride there with my head hanging out the window. Running with the wind in my hair and the BOY throwing that disc as far as he can, and me running after it to bring it back (oh, wait that’s not how the game works). OH I’M SO CONFUSED. This isn’t fetch?

No wonder the BOY keeps screaming at me, “NO DOODLE DON’T.”

Amazingly the BOY decided it was fun to watch me do that and he stopped yelling at me to stop, but then he didn’t want me to stop running and bringing it back. I am dog tired tonight.

It’s important to remember that everyone can work if you find the right work for them and everyone can have some double D days.


Support Autism Peace hugs love a Doodle.



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