Autism Movie Lines


Going out a day with the BOY is sometimes like a burlesque show. I have to put my ear to the ground and take lessons from the BOY. He is as smooth as a slicked back hairdo. HE knows what excerpts to pick up from those thousand of hours of Disney movies. HE knows how to use them and HE uses them.

The BOY watches the same movies over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over……well heck you get it.


So let’s just get it straight a Doodle’s life isn’t all glam. Really, the first time or two it’s OK but seriously do you really think you could hear the same movie over 525 times in …..a flippin’ week. It’s a little like the old Chinese torture. There are times I want to pull my fur out one by one.

Doodle back on point.

Yeah right, using the lines in the right place.

The BOY at the grocery store as the girl shoves the food through the scanner and over to be bagged. She rarely looks up, only for a moment to say hello and then immediately back to the scanning, but the BOY is SLICK. You know he chases name tags, faster than I can chase my tail, so the grocery line goes something like this:

BOY: “Oh Sandy is that you?”

Sandy: “Yes,” (very hesitantly) Sandy continues to scan, no emotion at all on her face, she doesn’t even smile at me and hey I am a chic magnet but nothing so that is when the BOY steps up his game.

BOY: “Sandy, you’re looking marvelous today…is that a new haircut?” (from Monsters Inc)

SANDY: looks up with a little blush on her cheeks…”Oh…my how did you know…thank you so much.”

BOY: “Oh yeah Sandy you look marvelous.”

SANDY: Now very happy that someone paid her a compliment. “Well, what’s your name?”

BOY: “I’m the BOY and this the Doodle.

SANDY” “Well the BOY it’s so nice to meet you and your Doodle is handsome.”

BOY: “oh yeah, (we are bagged up and paid) well I gotta go. See ya Sandy.”

Sandy is still smiling as we walk away with BOY pushing the cart.

In a restaurant it could go like this:

BOY: “Julie (the waitress, as you know we know all the servers names in every pizza restaurant near our home cause we ONLY EAT PIZZA for lunch) you have beautiful eyelashes (from Hercules said to Meg).”

JULIE: blushing….”Why thank you.”

BOY: “Oh Julie you are so beautiful.”

I’m thinking BOY, can you tell her she can pet me. She is a beauty.

JULIE: “So BOY (the servers ALL know us too) how is your day going.”

BOY: “Oh, nothing.”

The BOY has a ton of these lines and the strangest thing is that even though communication is one of his weakest links, he knows how and when to use these lines. They still work on the GIRL when she puts on a new outfit and he says, “Well if you ask my opinion, that dress is rather slimming on you.” (Tarzan) Yeah, the GIRL likes it, even if the dress is 2 sizes to small.

Sometimes the BOY will say things like this to the Ugleest girl I’ve ever seen. I’m like BOY don’t tell her she’s beautiful and before I know it he reads that name tag and blurts it out, and then I see the strangest thing happen. The Uglee girl lifts her head high and graciously thanks him for his kindness and BOUYA the BOY has a new friend and made a change in someone’s day.

So what’s a Doodle’s point. KINDNESS. The BOY has KINDNESS, something we all need. He doesn’t look at people as short, fat, skinny, old, ugly, beautiful, smart or dumb. People are all the same to him and he is KIND. We all need to try some kindness. It makes every one feel warm an’ fuzzy inside, and shouldn’t everyone at sometime, somewhere have that feeling?

Tell the G-D damn stroller pushing people at Disney this. SPREAD THE KINDNESS!

Peace hugs love a doodle that supports autism.

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