Really Doctor…do you know about autism?


Drs. and Autism. Don’t ya love them?

Office visit is at 4:00pm. We arrive at 3:50pm. Prompt!

The GIRL busts her butt to make sure we all get there on time.

SHE hates being late. SHE says it’s just down right rude, but she’s considering it now, especially for a  doctors visit.


1 hour 52 minutes the BOYs name is called.

HE is a bit charged at this point. “So BOY how are you today?”


And so it starts as he slams his body into her sofa. The doc gives up trying to communicate with the BOY quickly as he only gets LOUDER with her.

The GIRL just sits quietly as the doctor begins to tell the GIRL all of the things SHE SHOULD do and HOW SHE SHOULD do these things because ‘those with autism” need these things. The GIRL just nods. I wonder how many times she has heard these exact same words 22 doctors ago. Adult psychiatrists SUCK!

I’m thinking DOC what the heck is your flipping problem and are you yourself on drugs? Do you have rocks in your head for brains?

Have you ever lived day in and day out with autism? And do so for over 24 years?

Do you wake up in the morning with it and go to bed with it?

Do you know what it is to spend half the night up because your child (now an adult) isn’t sleeping? So in reality you haven’t really slept well since before he was born which is over 25 years.

How many over 20 hour meltdowns have you ever dealt with?

Do you have any idea what it’s like to hear the same thing over at least 200 times in one day?

Do you have any idea what it’s like to know you will never have grandchildren?

Do you have any idea what it’s like to be so damn tired but you know you have to keep on keeping?

Do you know what it’s like to watch your child climb the walls from the new medicine that you just gave him and said is the perfect one for him?

Do you have any idea what it’s like to have to fight for EVERYTHING? I literally mean EVERYTHING because society basically hasn’t accepted that a child like yours should have the same rights as everyone else?

Do you have any idea what it feels like to see your son graduate from high school and they sneak him in the back and then ask you to take him as soon as he gets on the other side of the stage?

Do you know what it’s like to know you are going to die and who is going to love him and fight for him like you?

Do you know what it feels like to never have your son invited to a party or go out with is friends?

Do you know what it’s like to everyday get up and try to remain positive?

Do you have any idea what it’s like to even have to FIGHT for an education for your child?

Do you have any idea what it’s like to know there is NO BRIGHT FUTURE for your son?

Do you know DOC REALLY DO YOU?

AT THIS POINT MY DOODLE HAIRS ARE ON END and I’ve only started with the Doc.

I’ve come to my final decision as a Doodle. I am not fond of people with all their fancy initials behind their names with LOTS of ADVICE on HOW TOs and YOU SHOULD BE DOING…..

I’ve decided that the next time we come to see the DOC and the DOC gives all this wonderful advice I’m gonna bark up and give her a piece of the DOODLE.


6:05pm appointment over. Time with Doc 13 minutes.

Always remember you the parent knows best. You know your child better than anyone, regardless of their education. No ones knows what it’s like to walk in your shoes, expect you. When professionals give you a laundry list that you know is wrong. GET RID OF THEM. One, a good professional will NEVER give a laundry list, they understand life goes on and is already full and then adding autism makes it a bit rougher. A good professional will give a bit at a time so it can be handled by all and have positive outcomes.

Support Autism Peace Hugs Love a Doodle!

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