Cleaning Increases Tolerance


I can’t say it’s a Sunday kind of love here, but it is a Sunday. The GIRL and I sleep in on Sundays. We don’t get out of bed until 7 or 7:30. Ah, how I love the feeling of those extra little cat naps, dozing in and out on Sunday mornings. The most beautiful sound is the one of  silence. The BOY doesn’t do laundry on Sundays and he usually stays on his side of the house until the GIRL and I get out of bed.

Sundays are usually spent cleaning the house and getting little things done like the bills, grocery shopping, and small errands. For me it’s almost like a day off, although I hate cleaning. I’m not a cleaning dog, I’m a service dog. Somehow the GIRL needs to understand that.

Cleaning is different here. The GIRL has to guard her broom, dust mop and cleaning rags as if she was a bear guarding her cubs. The BOY is always right there putting everything back in it’s place.

Cleaning goes like this The GIRL brings all the cleaning products in a bucket to the bathroom. She leaves the bucket to go get the cleaning rags and when she returns with the rags the BOY has put the bucket with the cleaning products back in their place.

GIRL; “ I need to clean this room can you please bring the cleaning bucket back.”

BOY: “Oh, I’m sorry. My bad and he mumbles I’m just trying to put everything in it’s place.”

GIRL: “hey BOY when I’m finished using it you can put it in it’s place.”

BOY: “Don’t bother me I’m busy. Leave me alone.”

The GIRL begins to clean and not 30 seconds later the BOY is hovering over her.

BOY: “Are you done yet?” “Can I put them back.” “Come on you need to hurry up, they need to go back.”

GIRL: “BOY, it takes some time. Just leave them. Did you finish the mirrors?”

(The GIRL has the BOY help with cleaning by having him do the windows and mirrors, This is his favorite thing to do for house cleaning).

BOY: “I put the glass in the dishwasher.”

GIRL: having no idea what he is talking about with the glass, because she’s busy trying to finish and continue to guard her cleaning products. “Oh, great, did you finish the mirrors?”

BOY: “I can’t talk now, I’m busy. Doodle stop looking at me.” (I’m trying to tell him, BOY she is NOT gonna be happy)

The GIRL continues her cleaning without giving the glass another thought.

The bucket with the cleaning products are put back at least 3 times before the GIRL is finished and the chairs that get pulled out to vacuum under are put back before the vacuum gets under the table, and this is why the idea of him being a bus boy was exnayed. When the subject came up to it being a good job for him the GIRL said no because he would 1: either be standing over top of the patrons waiting for them to take thir last bite of their food to remove the plate or 2. Telling them they needed to hurry up and finish or 3. Take the plate out from under them before they finished.   Yes, he has done that to many guests that visit us. I even know to wait patiently for them to finish, but the BOY needs ORDER.

It takes several cleaning rags to get the house done because the BOY continues to pick them up, if  left for over 18 seconds and he puts it in to be laundered tomorrow heap. Yes, Monday is a BIG laundry day. The BOY LOVES Monday.

After several trips to getting the broom again , more clean rags and retrieving the bucket with the cleaning products the GIRL finally finishes and decides it’s the perfect time to drink her green smoothie she made after our morning walk.

The GIRL goes to the refridgerator to get her drink.

It’s GONE.

GIRL: “BOY where is my drink that was in the fridge.”

BOY: “I cleaned the glass.”


GIRL: “Doodle, why did you let him do this.”

OY vey, I think I need to find a place that isn’t so demanding.

Everyday and almost everything we do is a little different, BUT, we manage and our tasks get completed, not like most people’s but we do it.  Sometimes it just takes a little more patients, love and time.

Be Kind…support autism Peace Hugs Love a Doodle.

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