Valuable Things in the Trash


The BOY is extremely tidy to say the least. HE is always busy CLEANING things up and putting them in their place. When I first moved here I thought the GIRL was really cool because she would have her head in the trash almost every day and I thought BOOYAH I dig this chic we are gonna be a happy trash diggin’ family…


I was wrong…

SHE goes through the trash because our trash is valuable… we live with a mean clean organized trashing machine

Eight Top Things in Our Trash:

  1. MONEY – yup the BOY throws money in the trash. Dollar bills …Why…well he thinks when a bill is wrinkled, it is ruined. If perhaps it gets wet from going through the laundry, or however else it may get wet, well that’s a major ruin and oh hold on to your panties if there is a small rip or tear in a bill; that means it is NEVER going to be any good and it is totally broken FOREVER. The BOY just doesn’t get money. It means nothing to him. I’m like DUDE that’s just the value of 12 bones you threw out.
  2. CHECKS – NEVER…I mean NEVER leave a check on the counter. Paper like objects on the counter are TRASH (remember it is not garbage it’s TRASH) according to the BOY and they do not belong on the counter, therefore they must be TRASH.
  3. RECEIPTS – to the BOY another useless piece of paper that probably killed another tree sitting on his clutter less counter MUST BE TRASH, even if it’s inside the original bag with something you purchased but need to return to the store. The items in the bag will be removed and put in some BOY place (cause he’s trying to help) and the bag with the receipt are TRASH.
  4. MEDICAL PRESRICPTIONS- oh now these are in the trash because the BOY thinks they are messy and should be thrown away and done over. Messy things are just that, messy, and they don’t belong anywhere near neat, clean, crisp, legibly written papers.
  5. BILLS – now the GIRL doesn’t mind so much on this one BUT she doesn’t want to be late. He throws out many bills because if they are not in the right spot, then they are in the wrong spot and that must mean they are TRASH.
  6. FOOD – If the BOY doesn’t like something the WHOLE thing is thrown in the trash because if he doesn’t like to eat it than no one in the entire world will like it, therefore it must be TRASH.
  7. CREDIT CARDS or ANNUAL PASSES – useless looking things, what can they possibly do for anyone in life, they MUST be TRASH.
  8. NOTES – Never, I mean never leave a note on the counter or anywhere else within site of the BOY. Notes are BORING and boring things belong in the trash. According to the BOY it’s boring and useless information to him and therefore to anyone else.

Trash is trash and everything has it’s place and the BOY has his own system in his mind. So almost everyday the GIRL and I check the trash for valuables. It saddens me that she doesn’t go for the bones.

Everything has a place.

and before you throw that out…….Support Autism Peace Hugs Love a DOODLE

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