Is Jail the Next Step?


We are going to jail. My fur is in twist. I can’t survive on bread and water, and oh my, what if they put me out to do real work. I’ll never survive. My stomach is running a marathon cause we’re gonna go to jail. The GIRL is telling me to relax but how would you feel if you received a letter from the judge that you had to be in court.

The craziest thing is the GIRL has an attorney who handles all of this stuff but it appears there is a bump in the road.

In any state once a person turns 18 they are an adult. No, it doesn’t matter that they have a disability and may only be functioning at a 5th grade level. They are an ADULT. You, the parent have NO SAY over that PERSON. It doesn’t matter that it’s your child. That so called child is an ADULT. Sorry, mom, dad you are out of the picture.

You need to be the GAURDIAN, and to do that you petition the court (you should plan this and do so it happens right after 18th birthday). Yup, your own child. You know the one you have been caring for the last 18 years. Well it doesn’t matter. The court then determines if you are good enough to be that individual’s legal guardian.

There are several types of guardianship and of course it varies some state by state. Make sure you choose which is best for your child. Remember if your child, as an adult, signs to buy that $50K car and you are not a guardian to protect them from such, well, get ready for a hefty monthly payment or a huge attorney bill. He is an ADULT. (This actually happened to one of our local young men.)

The GIRL did every thing prior to the BOY turning 18 with the BOYS dad. They were both guardians. Sad to say the BOYS dad recently unexpectedly passed away (less than a year ago. We will talk about that later and the huge changes with the BOY) and the GIRL became the sole guardian, which scared every ounce of snuff out of her.

Several papers had to be done that were sent to the court, showing the GIRL as the sole guardian and the BOYS father as deceased. I told you the girl is ALWAYS doing paperwork. It never ends.

ANYWAY….it appears something was missing and instead of sending a nice gram, they send a nasty gram that says you must appear in court or……….

Oh dog, as I type this the GIRL is gathering more papers that need to be sent to the court. Every year you need to fill out the annual guardianship renewal forms (more papers) and it’s that time for the GIRL again along with getting the papers together so we won’t have to go to jail.

The GIRL says all is fine, it’s just court mumble jumble stuff. I’m sure she is right but really I wonder how the judge would feel if I just dropped the BOY at his house for a weekend.

Guess I better go help the GIRL with all of this paperwork. Oh the stress I live under in this house.

Support autism, peace hugs love a doodle.



Guardianship is a very important matter and you must make sure you are prepared for it. It was one of the most difficult things the GIRL ever had to do. It was reality again of where the BOY was and will be in life. Typically an attorney is assigned to your child and you hire and attorney and then together they determine with the court if you are able to be the guardian. Please if you child requires supports make sure you do this and do it on time. Don’t take that chance of the law overriding your what should be natural for our children.   This is a good piece done by one of the Centers for Autism & Related Disabilities in the state of Florida on guardianship.




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