No Halloween Allowed


Halloween is around the corner. What will you do and how will it be handled in your home.  We gave up on Halloween years ago………….

The GIRL used to like Halloween. When she had the BOY she was so excited his first Halloween. She couldn’t wait to dress him up.

The BOY was only 8 months old on his 1st Halloween, so he didn’t really fuss when she dressed him as a beetle. On his second Halloween he wasn’t too excited to be a crayon and by his third Halloween he HATED being Elvis.

The GIRL didn’t give up on Elvis.

Every year she would sit for hours making his custom. Yes, the silly GIRL MADE his costumes. She wouldn’t go out and buy one. She would sit for hours at the sewing machine making him one. WHY? Because she has that crafty hand crap thing in her and she has to do it. She says it’s therapeutic for her. Personally, I don’t get it. Just go buy it and bring it home and wear it. Hmmm, who has autism here……

Together they would carve pumpkins with intricate designs. She would put newspaper on the floor and have the BOY help her take out the pulp. The BOY liked that part, but the candy and costume part didn’t cut the mustard in his book.


After several more years of meltdowns that lasted hours and maybe one stop at a neighbors, the GIRL stopped making the BOY dress up. She thought that maybe he would do best handing out the candy when the other children dressed in costumes came to their home. That didn’t work either. He HATED the kids coming to the house and wouldn’t go near the door on Halloween.

So the GIRL and the BOY have not celebrated Halloween for years. The GIRL would just hand out candy to the other children who would stop by the house. It’s not always important to celebrate every holiday.

The GIRL was looking at some antlers in the store the other day. She better not think she is gonna dress me up since the BOY doesn’t want to. No way am I wearing something like that.

If you are a parent of a child with ASD, please consider your child’s limits. I’m not comfortable wearing antlers maybe your child isn’t comfortable in a costume. Is it really that important?

If you do go out start small, maybe go to 2-3 houses and build up each year. Maybe even go to people’s houses that your child already knows. Write a social story about trick or treating and practice getting candy.


Most important be safe support autism peace hugs love a doodle.

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