Bullies are a Problem Everywhere



Some people shouldn’t be let out in public on some days. If you are not in good mood , then STAY HOME. Society is a bully. How do we teach our children not to bully when their parents are doing it all the time in public for children to hear and see. Stopping bullying begins at home. I hate bullies and want to bite each one, but then that would be like bullying ….right?

The GIRL stayed home this morning because she worked very late the night before. The BOY went to work. I stayed home with the GIRL today. I love the house alone with the GIRL. It’s so quiet. Sometimes we put the music on. Today we talked about the BOY and she shared a story from long ago…….

When the BOY was younger he always wanted to ride in the shopping cart. He didn’t want to walk along side the cart he wanted to ride in it. He was getting a little big for riding in the cart and the GIRL knew they would have to make a change soon. One Sunday, the GIRL, the BOY and his dad went to Target. It was the first time they had ever seen one of those shopping carts with the kid seats attached. The GIRL would name them the limousine carts. The dad, who never had ideas said to the GIRL, “hey this is it, the answer to our dilemma. If you sit on one side he (the BOY) will follow and sit on the other side instead of wanting to get in the cart.”

The GIRL wasn’t really up to it that day.

AUTISM RULE NO 1: always pick and choose your battles carefully. The GIRL has a sign in the house that says, ‘don’t get in the saddle unless you are ready to ride.’ It’s the same for behaviors. Don’t start a behavior unless you are going to run it out. That could be 5 minutes or 5 hours. Be prepared or don’t start.

Plus, the GIRL was thinking the size of that seat is really small. Now that girl at that time wasn’t anything large, but those little red, hard plastic seats are small. Really small. The BOY’s dad continued to push the GIRL to do it and she reluctantly gave in and was going to ride (in both ways …the cart and any behavior).

The GIRL carefully squeezed her behind onto the hard red plastic and the BOY’s father began to push her. The BOY was running along side screaming. He was refusing to get on it. The dad stopped the cart and told him to do what mommy was doing. He continued to scream louder. What did he scream, “she’s gonna kill me, I can’t do it. I’m gonna die,” (that is from Charlotte’s Web incase you are wondering, wait till I tell you about the police officer and that same line).

The Target shoppers starting quickly pushing their shopping carts from the back of the store to the front, like it was a blue light special at Wal-Mart, to see who was gonna get killed. The Target carts starting to surround the GIRL, the dad, the screaming BOY and the special limousine cart.

The girl was starting to sweat as she crouched on the little seat. The BOY continued to scream loudly. “I’m gonna die, she’s gonna kill me.” The girl was very stressed. She still hadn’t adjusted to the ‘clickers and shakers’ (you know those rude bullies who click their tongues and shake their heads saying what a horrible parent she is and how disgusting that child is). She was ready to stand up to say she was not ready to ride all the way (which would have been a HUGE mistake) when her purse turned upside down and all her private items within her purse were now rolling on the floor. The BOY was still screaming and the dad said, “forget it” and he walked away leaving the screaming BOY and the GIRL now on the floor on her hands and knees collecting her personal items that were rolling at the crowds feet that were forming a circle around her with their shopping carts, clicking and shaking.

All she heard was blah, blah, shh, blah…….the BOY was loud.

She collected her items and with all her will tried to look straight ahead and ignore the bullies. She placed her hands on the cart and the BOY abruptly stopped screaming and sat on the red hard plastic seat.

The GIRL just pushed on like everything was PeRFecT. Next aisle she sees the dad coming back with a regular cart and she waves him away. All was good.

On that Sunday at Target the GIRL learned rule number 2.

AUTISM RULE NO 2: If your child is not harming himself or anyone else around you the h-ll with society and those clickers and shakers. You are teaching your child a very valuable lesson that will be something he needs for a long time. Piss on those bullies, they should have stayed home.

Sorry society but our kids don’t learn like yours. Sometimes they may get loud, but you know what. They are not bullies. They are kind, sweet, innocent people who just need a little more support than most do.

 AUTISM RULE NO 3: NEVER, I mean NEVER allow those clickers and shakers bother you.  THEY ARE BULLIES!!!  Bullies should stay at home and learn how to be kind before they go out in society.

NOW GO ON….no BLUE LIGHT special here.


Support Autism Peace hugs Love a Doodle………

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