The Police Pulled us Over


OK, so I told you I would share the police story of the GIRL and the BOY with you and I think today is the PeRFecT day to do that. I’m feeling tuckered right out. I went to play Frisbee golf with the BOY and the Other Boy. I ran around like a chicken without their head.

It was a hot day somewhat like today. The GIRL had just picked the BOY up from his school and they had just finished with the usual stops at the grocery store, bank and post office (we didn’t have all these apps like today). The BOY was not in a happy mood. He wanted to be home long before they were on their way.

He was probably 4. At that time at the age of 4 a child’s seat was not required. He had to be buckled in but no child seat. Yes, I know the times have changed. The GIRL had a 4-door sedan type car.

Getting the BOY to stay in a seat belt was always a challenge. Getting the BOY in any seat was a challenge. The GIRL felt the BOY was the best Houdini she ever met. He could get out of anything in 3 seconds flat. If she knew the drive ahead was 20 minutes she would almost double the time to get to point B because she knew she would be pulling over every couple of minutes to lock the BOY back in his car seat or seat belt. If she left him out he would win and think he didn’t have to buckle up.

On this day the girl was exhausted. In the proceeding 3 nights she probably got about 12 hours total sleep. She was tired, cranky and over the top with autism. They were ¼ mile or less from home. She could feel home and maybe get a wink in because the BOY’s father should be home.

Click, snap.

There he is standing in the middle of the 2 front seats straddling the hump in the back seat like a cowboy riding a new horse with tight jeans bouncing side to side. The look on his face was one of triumph escape joy. The GIRL said to herself, I don’t care. I can crawl home and I am not pulling over one more time. Let him straddle that hump.

WRONG…………the red lights and the piercing sound was ringing in her ears and reflecting off of her mirror.

She pulls over. I think you should be aware the car clearly spells out autism on it. The vehicle’s license plate clearly distinguishes there is either someone in the car with autism or that the owner of the vehicle is very close to someone with autism.

The officer walks up to the window and says, “Ma’am do you know why I am pulling you over.” Being cranky and tired the GIRL thinks in her head DUH….no let me see….you wanted to ask me what was for dinner?

The GIRL very politely says, “Yes, officer, I am sorry, we have been on the road for about 15 minutes and I’ve already re-buckled him at least 8 times. I’m tired and cranky and just want to get home. We are having a very autistic day”

Officer: “I understand, I have kids of my own. Do you mind if I have a talk with the BOY.”

GIRL: doing her very best acting to withhold her wanting to laugh so hard right in his face routine, very lady like says nooooooooooooo, NOT at all. She places her finger on the rear window button to put it down. She wanted to make it much easier for the officer to have this conversation with her son. It was a pleasure he wanted to venture there………..

Officer: “ Hi son, I’m your friend…..I’m a police officer….you need to wear your seatbelt and stay in it. Do you know why?”

With that the BOY dives to the floorboard on the opposite side of the car and starts to dig feverishly on the carpet and yells, “I don’t want to die, let me out. I want to live.” (in case you don’t know that is what Wilbur the pig says in Charlotte’s Web).

Officer looking rather perplexed. “Son, son, now calm down. I am your friend. No need to be afraid. You need to wear that seatbelt. It’s a safety precaution. Son, let me explain, I am your friend.”

BOY: “no, no, no, please, I DON’T WANT TO DIE. I WANT TO LIVE.”

Officer: “Son now listen to me. Just focus on my voice. You are fine. You will be fine. Just relax, blah, blah, blah.”

The GIRL is sitting in the front, sit as stiff as a board. Her knuckles are white because she is gripping the steering wheel so hard and the tears are rolling down her eyes.

Her stiff body is starting to jiggle and she is trying her hardest to not allow any sounds escape her mouth and tries even harder to keep her body stiff form jiggling like the jolly old man in red.

She is LAUGHING AND LAUGHING AND LAUGHING …He want’s to talk to him………………Controlling her silence and rigid body is becoming a difficult task.

Couple of minutes of the BOY continuing to dig and escalate the officer comes back up to the front window. The GIRL tries to quickly wipe the tears of laughter away.

Officer: “Ma’am”

GIRL: “yes”

Officer: (shaking head) “is there any medication to give him?”

GIRL: “Officer if there was something that would work I would probably have him on it.”

Officer: “Where do you live”

GIRL: “right over there (she points to the subdivision across street)

Officer: “OH, THERE, well heck he’s fine. You just get home and ma’am…well…umm. Ma’am..yeah..uh…best of luck to you.”

GIRL: “Thanks officer, we may need it some days.”

The BOY is not good with back and forth communication. He has always had language but does not communicate well. He has always used scripts from movies however, the good thing is he has always used them in appropriate context. Till today he will do this. Sometimes you have to stop and think what is this person really trying to tell me and most important to remember is BEHAVIOR IS A FORM OF COMMUNICATION. 

Today the BOY always buckles up and reminds everyone in the vehicle to buckle up. Even me. Guess all those pull-overs worked.


Support Autism Peace hugs love a doodle.

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