I am really very tired of people saying how awesome autism is.


It’s that plan and simple. Yes, you heard me … sucks. I want to bark it as loud as I can, but before you judge my words….understand what I bark.

Does the GIRL love the BOY?

Oh course she does, but she would love him as much without autism and life for the BOY, the GIRL, the dad that died, and every other family member would be so much easier to live without this damn autism thing controlling it.

I really get so tired of people talking about how great autism is. What is so flippin’ great about autism? You tell me what is good about autism? I really want to hear and I don’t want to hear something like, “well they are kind sweet people.” BS, you think the BOY wouldn’t be sweet without autism? People say that autism defines who they are, well again I’m going to say you define who you are….. not autism.

OK, don’t misunderstand me. I am not asking for a cure here. If I am asking for anything I am asking for a way to decrease the severe symptoms in some to make life more tolerable for those on the spectrum that need it (I have met many with the GIRL that autism does not CONTROL they lives, but many it does). Why is it that life is just so darn difficult for some?

I watch the BOY so many times want to do something and then that darn autism gets in his way and he can’t get around it. It’s like a big bully blocking him from doing what he wants to.

The GIRL sometimes will tell the BOY that he needs to get it under control and the BOY answers he can’t. WHY? It’s that bully autism getting in the way.

Yes, sometimes it makes me angry. Angry because I watch the BOY work so hard for so many things and he is controlled by this Autism thing.

Years ago the BOY started noticing he was different than his classmates, so he thought if he changed his name he would be the same as the other kids. Now we understand that everyone is different and this is a blessing, but he just wanted to fit in. You all know the feeling, because I am sure at one time or another in your life you too wanted to FIT in.

For weeks the BOY continued to change his name from Tom, to Dick to Joe, to Anthony and so it went Clark, Harris, Mandel and so on, BUT that damn autism kept kicking him.  The GIRL told him he could not change his name everyday. If he insisted on a different name than he would have to pick his first name, middle name or last name and stick with it.

The BOY chose his middle name. He still uses it many years later (the GIRL is happy because it is what she wanted to name him anyway) and the damn autism still controls him.

So, yes, autism sucks. It controls many individuals and until we can learn how to help those with autism not be controlled by it…..I, the Doodle will continue to say.


Be Kind…support autism (even if you hate it, because it’s really the person you are supporting) peace hugs love a doodle.

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