School Systems Still Segregate


Human or not we are a product of our environment. W. Clement Stone says, “You are a product of your environment. So choose the environment that will best develop you toward your objective. Analyze your life in terms of its environment. Are the things around you helping you toward success – or are they holding you back?”

Well, that’s a damn good question to ask our school systems in most states.  Isn’t it a wise decision to put all the kids with autism that have bizarre behaviors together so they can learn from each other (their environment)?

OH YES….that takes a high degree to figure that out.  WRONG…it’s just the easiest thing to do, so it is done.  Oh, there’s Johnny with Autism.  He has some bizarre behaviors….just put him in THAT class.

Think about it  humans……do you not act like your friends?  Heck the GIRL says that every day her autism continues to develop….she spends so much time with the BOY and others with autism that she instinctively can pick up what might set them off.  She says her life filters are down from being around autism so much. If I am only in the kennel running with the dogs, do you really think I understand any other way to act. NO I RUN WITH THE DOGS!

If a child sees another child with bizarre behaviors get attention in the classroom what do you think that child will start doing?  We all love attention in one form or another.

When the BOY was going into 3rd grade the GIRL was tired of driving him 40 minutes each way (she didn’t put the BOY on a school bus until middle school, because she hates school buses.  Nothing with the BOY.  He loved them, so she gave in to her hate in middle school) to and from the school where they threw all the kids with the “A” problem.  She went head to head with the district to bring the BOY to his home school (a home school is the area that you live).  The fight went on for weeks.  The school district gave one excuse after another, but after much deliberation and good strong documentation and the law on her side the GIRL won and the BOY was the first of 1,500 kids in his home school with autism and a paraprofessional to help him with tasks that he needed assistance with.

Now I’m not saying that kids without autism are better behaved than kids with autism.  Truth be told, give me a kid with autism. They usually don’t pull my hair or tail, but typical development is typical development.

Parents MUST take the time to educate themselves on the law.  I can tell you most principles don’t even know it.  Learn IDEA, Learn 504.  Use them.  Your child has RIGHTS.

When do we STOP segregation?  When do we START looking at individuals as individuals and if you tell me they do that on an IEP (Individual Evaluation Plan) well let me just vomit all over you right now.

Be kind support autism…peace hugs love a doodle


there are several links out there with information on laws.  here are just 3.  Learn it…use it….it’s your child…   great educators on the law and rights   IDEA   504 law

2 thoughts on “School Systems Still Segregate

  1. While I like you am all for inclusion, I feel with this post you denigrate autistic peopleto their “bizarre” behavior. Autistic people don’t just teach each other “bizarre” bheavior, and besides, why is it wrong to exhibit autistic behaviors? I feelt hat autistics can learn well from both autistic and neurotypical people, and more neurotypical is not the same as better.


    • Thanks Astrid for your share, much appreciated, but it was not the intentions of the post to take away autistic behavior. I wouldn’t change some of the BOYS bizarre things for the world. They make the BOY the BOY My point was if we only segregate we only get what’s going on in that group. Maybe if we practiced inclusion more the neurotypicals would copy the kids with ASD more and most important everyone would learn how to support each other. Thanks again. Il be more careful to bark those things out more clearly.


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