Mind-blindness and Empty Shelves in the Autism House


Well this morning began almost like any other typical morning in our home. The BOY was up at 5:07am, dressed by 5:11am, and the washing machine was running a load by 5:13am. Here is where the almost comes in. The dishwasher was not concurrently running with the washing machine. For a moment I thought, what the heck is the BOY ill today, and then I quickly recalled the flood we had yesterday from the dishwasher. That’s a whole different story. So this morning was almost like any other morning in our home before 5:30am minus the chug, squirt, swish sound of the dishwasher.

The BOY was in his giddy little mood this morning and even though he appeared to be happy on the outside I know as a doodle knows not to ‘look’ at him because that happy moment is GONE. The BOY has 2 standard morning moods GIDDY or HORRID.

NEVER STARE AT THE BOY IN THE MORNING. Oh heck, never stare at the BOY anytime. It pisses him off. Sometimes I do it just to piss him off. Hey, what can I say a doodle gets bored too.

The GIRL gets up, throws on some clothes to take me out for a little relief. It’s Monday and I personally dig Mondays. Mondays means garbage. (Yes, I say garbage but to the BOY it’s trash) I love going out and taking my sweet butt doodle time sniffing everyone’s garbage along the way. You know it’s the best way to find things out about your neighbors. The GIRL doesn’t get it. I actually know that the best way to the guy’s heart across the street is by tuna.  I dig tuna, so I always have to take extra long on his trash. As we walk along lifting legs on everyone’s trash, I’m thinking BOOYAH life is good. The air is crisp this morning and I’m managing to pee on almost everyone’s can or bag out there today. Oh, I should clarify the GIRL does not lift her leg. She actually yells at me for lifting my leg on everyone’s garbage and attempts to drag me along to move a bit faster, but I’m never in a hurry on Mondays.

We return from our walk and the GIRL gets her exercise on. She gets on this damn machine that makes some horrible noise, plugs these strange things in her ears and goes pretty darn fast for like 30 minutes. Personally, I don’t get it , what the heck is she trying to do. She doesn’t go anywhere and to think she doesn’t want to sniff trash with me. HUMANS….

We eat our breakfast…..well the GIRL and I do. The BOY typically takes 2-4 bites and says, “YUCK, I hate this, this is gross, besides I’m not hungry. My stomach is making that grrrrrr sound.” He then stomps up from the table and throws out whatever he is eating and the GIRL and I finish our breakfast.

This almost normal morning the GIRL went to get in the shower and realized she didn’t have any soap. Now I have to give credit where credit is due, the GIRL has become rather thrifty with money since it has become a shortage. She coupons, watches the sales, and gets some really awesome bargains. The GIRL stocks many things that we all use on a regular basis like soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, lotion, tissues, toilet paper…you get it. I mean she’s not a hoarder but she keeps about 2-3 months of most things stocked and buys them on sale with coupons to help us stay within budget.

Out to the garage she ventures to find the shelf where the soap is EMPTY. Yes, I wrote EMPTY. At first she thought she was looking on the wrong shelf because there was plenty there just last week. She looks again and now starts looking at me, like what the heck did you do with the soap and I’m like hey don’t look at me I prefer to never bath remember and Doodle’s don’t eat that crap.

She starts to look further. Oh no the deodorant is GONE.


TOOTHPASTE GONE…….and then it hits her.

The storage shelves are ALL EMPTY and suddenly she hears that little voice in the back of her mind and it’s the BOY saying just last week he didn’t like that toothpaste. In fact he told her that a couple of times not only about toothpaste but he mentioned he didn’t like the green shampoo nor the blue deodorant. The GIRL just wasn’t really listening.

So here we are now the cupboards are BARE and all I am thinking is thank goodness the BOY doesn’t do anything that involves doodle snacks. I went to check just to make sure. I am safe.

So our almost typical Monday ended up in a money saved money tossed and tomorrow will be another day with locks on the supplies type of day.

GIRL: BOY, I do believe we will be implementing a new program here. You cannot just throw things out that you don’t like.

BOY: of course I can. I don’t like it. I don’t want it.

GIRL: it doesn’t work that way

BOY: yes it does

DOODLE: GIRL give it up the BOY already did it so YES IT DOES.

That’s our BOY. Mind-blindness sorta goes with autism for the most part and the GIRL is not fond of it this almost typical day.

 Lesson Learned by GIRL:  Always LISTEN TO THE BOY. ALWAYS

Be kind, love peace hug a doodle. Support autism.

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