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Welcome to The Autism Doodle. I’m the Doodle. Well, actually I’m a labradoodle. I am 2.5 years old and this is my 3rd family. I’ve spent most of my 2.5 years in a boarding home.I have lived with 2 families and they didn’t want me. After some time with them they gave me away.

The second time I ended up at a place in St. Cloud, Fl. It is ran by Pawsitive Action Foundation, Inc.(http://www.pawsitiveaction.org or like them on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pawsitiveactionfoundation and don’t forget to like me on facebook too at https://www.facebook.com/Autismdoodle?ref=hl)  They took really good care of me and started training me to be a service dog.  That’s what they do there and I must say doggone good at it.  The director said I wasn’t going anywhere until she knew that I really wanted to go and in her heart that the family was gonna be right for me.

For months this girl and boy came to visit me at a Pawsitive’s place. He’s a bit of a strange one. Autism they say. She’s a tad interesting herself but I sorta dug’em and I was really strung out living in a kennel and sleeping in the barn….so I decided to give them a shot and go home with them.  They say they saved me but I really think I saved them.

So… This is my story….the day to day, ins and outs, ups and downs with these two and dealing with autism on a daily basis.

I’m only gonna post this once. I’m no writer or speller… I’m a Doodle and have you ever typed with paws?

Enjoy our dysfunctional life together as we all continue to learn, love, laugh and grow older with autism.


4 thoughts on “About me The Doodle

  1. While watching BBC’s Autism and Me, I chuckled when Tony said “I am perfectly normal, everyone else is weird. The entire world is weird I’m fine”. I find that quite similar to Jean-Paul Sartre’s “Hell is other people”. So everyone that isn’t Tony is a problem. LOL. I remember when I was like him.


  2. 🙂 Thanks for writing about autism! I was only diagnosed with Aspergers 3 years ago (when I was 22) so whilst it was a bit of a shock it was also a relief to finally understand myself! It’s great to see other people writing about the spectrum!


    • You are welcome. The autism Doodle is hoping to help people understand the everyday life with autism. We don’t know where you live but there are tons of people with aspergers. Aspergers ROCK. Thanks again the Doodle loves the support.

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