Horrid Halloween and Autism


As a Doodle, I take my job very seriously. I was brought into this dysfunctional family to protect and guide and that is what I will continue to do…..no matter what. Mr Store Manager, Sir, Don’t you Understand, Halloween can be confusing to a doodle who has to protect.

Sunday, just like every other Sunday the GIRL, the BOY and me, the Doodle, load into our little car with me jammed in the back seat and the BOY complaining that I’m to close to him…. head out to do our Sunday errands. Grocery shopping, lunch, and today we decided it was a beautiful Fall feeling day so we were going to the Home Décor store to get some Fall decorations to make the house feel festive inside and out.

All was going well. There were no erroneous odors eliminating from my bottom today like the other Sunday. The BOY was in a great mood and well I was feeling rather light from my new haircut and the day was like a Triple D (Dandy Doodle Day).

We pulled up to the Home Décor store and unloaded. The BOY, GIRL, and I jumped out of the car eager to get inside. The large glass doors opened as we neared the entrance and there is was. The 12 foot green, mean ,orange faced ,long clawed monster, who if ever got ahold of the BOY or GIRL would chew them up, claw them to bits and pieces, and throw them out.

orange head

I immediately went into Doodle Action.

I showed my teeth, I put my hair up. I braced my hind feet so I was prepared for any blow from that monster and then I let out my meanest, hardiest, Doodle bark, I could manage. It was so loud and vicious that I actually frighten myself the GIRL and the BOY. They both jumped like they had no idea what was going on and yelled at me for doing my job.


And why the heck is the BOY yelling at me to STOP BARKING…..HELLO I’m protecting here. Now the GIRL….DOODLE, STOP IT.

The GIRL is now dragging me around the corner, from the beast that I am protecting them from, only to bump into the U-GLEE EST lady I have ever seen with a wart on her nose and she starts talking to me and I once again go into vicious DOODLE PROTECTION MODE.

ugly woman

BOY: Doodle stop barking. No barking Doodle.

GIRL: Boy, I think he is afraid of those things.


BOY:  I gotta stop saying that.

GIRL: Boy, you don’t need to yell at him.



In walks Mr. Store Manager. “Excuse me ma’am. We have an open policy about pets and yes I see he is a service dog, but we can not have him upsetting the customers or disrupting the store.”


GIRL: Sir, I am sorry, yes he is a service dog and I just think this stuff is giving him a fright.

ME: Bark, BARK


ME: BARK BARK….what the heck is wrong with these people. These things are gonna kill them.


MANAGER: OK, ma’am you need to get them both under control. I understand so can I help with anything?

GIRL: No thank you . Doodle come on let’s go, Boy stop saying that.

ME: Alright, we made it by those monsters.

BOY: Phew that was horrible.

GIRL: Yes, it was.

BOY: Doodle when I say no barking you are supposed to ZIP IT. Get it?

ME: If they only knew what I just fought off for them.

GIRL;  is it cocktail time?

The GIRL, the BOY and me moved away from those monsters. I must have scared the crap out of those monsters because they didn’t move. I’m strutting NOW. OH YEAH, whose the KING of DOODLES.

the GIRL quickly got some things for the house and we checked out to head home. Did I do something wrong. What’s a doodle to do?

Be kind support autism peace hugs love a doodle.


The Cure Next Door


Some children have not looked at their mother’s for years. Some at the age of seven have never spoken a word, not even ‘Momma or Dadda,” and others bang their head until it bleeds. All of these children have autism. Autism is a life-long neurological disability that affects over 1 out of 55 individuals in the United States. Imagine your child disconnecting from the world and having a child whose eyes look, but don’t see, whose ears hear, but don’t listen, whose cries never end and doctors offer little help. Fad interventions such as auditory integration therapy, secretin therapy, and chelation therapy reveal how desperate parents are to cure their children of autism.

Auditory integration therapy claimed to cure autism in 1997. It was developed by Dr. Guy Berard in Annecy, France to help people with auditory processing problems. According to Dr. Berard, individuals with autism have auditory processing problems, and develop a distorted perception of the environment. He stated that autism could be cured by twenty sessions of this miraculous intervention. The therapy is accomplished by a device, which randomly selects high and low frequencies from a music source (a cassette or CD player), and then sends these sounds via headphones to the trainee. Any licensed audiologist can perform the therapy provided they have the magical device. Audiologist’s phones were ringing off the hook for this new miracle. A parent would wait patiently while their child sat in a small room with headphones on. The theory was simple; it would enable children with autism to perceive the environment as everyone else. Each 30-minute session cost approximately $300.00. Families would do whatever was necessary to raise the money for these sessions.   Some children would utter their first word after the sessions, however, the progress did not continue. Soon, parents’ stopped talking about auditory integration therapy. It simply vanished, as did their money, and their children were no better off then when they started the program, moreover, some were worse than before they started.

Another ray of hope appeared when Virginia Beck, a mother of a young man with autism appeared on 20/20 and Dateline in 1998, stating her son was cured by secretin therapy. Secretin is a polypeptide hormone involved in the regulation of gastric function. It is prepared from the duodenal mucosa of pigs and is not licensed by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of autism. Secretin could be purchased from a pharmacist provided a parent could find a physician to write the prescription and to administer the medication intravenously. To be cured of autism it would require 15 to 20 injections at $350.00 per injection. The children would bellow blood-curtailing cries to be freed while physicians used straight jackets to hold them down for the 45-minute sessions. Many children went into convulsions from this fad intervention, more important, others died. Once again, everyone stopped talking about the famous cure of autism.   Secretin did not cure autism. Desperate and penniless parents stopped pleading with pharmacists and physicians to perform this grueling therapy on their children.

Another huge craze was Chelation therapy. Chelation therapy was first developed by the United States Navy as a way of removing toxic metals from the bodies of military personnel exposed to high concentrations of lead during the 1940’s. In 2002, it became another intervention for autism at $125 per treatment, because a physician in England stated that the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine, which contained thimerosal caused autism. The only way to expel the thimerosal was through this treatment, however it would take between 20 and 100 intravenous dosages to show results. Parents believed this intervention made sense; after all, most of their children seemed to withdraw and exhibit bizarre autistic behaviors right after the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine. This therapy was thought to be without a doubt the cure for autism. Some children developed high fevers with hallucinations; others vomited uncontrollably for hours, while others kidney function diminished. Once again there was no change. Parents took their children home with little hope of every finding a cure.

Tomorrow will probably bring another fad intervention claiming to cure autism.   Parents will continue to run to their banks to mortgage their homes, and borrow from friends and family. They will stop at nothing, regardless how bizarre or costly. If someone tells them it is a cure, they will believe it, because hope is one of the only things they have left. Hope that a cure will come in time and hope that they have the strength, courage, and commitment to try just one more time.

On the other side are many individuals who say seeking a cure is wrong, yet many seek and try to find reasons for autism.


Should autism be abolished? Is that the right thing to do?  REALLY!!!

Will we ever be able to just accept things as they are?

Will we continue to put our children through these horrible “quack” cures?

Will we?  When do we stop?  Can we stop?

Take that Comment and Shove it


When you have a child with a disability sometimes people say the dumbest things.

PEOPLE…… do yourself and the family you are about to open your mouth to……………just don’t say anything.  You are ANNOYING..

Here are just a couple that make the  GIRL crazy………

Oh don’t worry I understand.

This makes us roll on the floor laughing. They DON’T have a clue and if you ask them if they have ever spent time with someone with autism, they would probably say, no.

The GIRL would like to say, “oh, that makes me so happy, listen I need someone to take care of him for a couple of days so I can get away and you seem to really understand, what days would work best for you, and oh the doodle can come too. He knows how to calm him down when he starts smashing the walls.”

Where will he live when he grows up?

Really. Why does it matter to them and all it does is make the parent feel horrible because it reminds them that once again their child will always need support and what will happen to them when they are gone.

The GIRL would like to say, “oh, I’m so glad you asked. His attorney for his guardianship tells us to find people who may be interested to have him live with them. You seem to be very interested. Thank you so much for asking.”

Will he ever be able to…………………?

Don’t ask this. It’s a horrible thing to ask a parent and a parent doesn’t know for sure until that time comes. Miracles do happen and things change. The GIRL never thought the BOY would be able to shave himself. He does GREAT and is always clean-shaven.

The GIRL would like to say, “I wonder if you will ever be able to learn not to ask such a stupid ass question.”

What is he good at?

Oh, this one knocks my tail off. Many still think of the movie ‘Rain Man’ and that all people with autism are savants in one area.

The GIRL would like to say, “at driving his mother to consume large quantities of wine in one sitting, but don’t worry, I’m in AA now so we are just taking one day at a time.”

Yes, this autism thing is really getting big isn’t it?

Stupid, dumb and dumber thing to say. Yes, ma’am it’s 1 out of 68 now and guess what the BOY is one.

The GIRL would like to say, “Just what the heck do you mean by that. Are you dumb or dumber?”

So, what does he do for fun?

Lady, do you really care….NO, so don’t ask.

The GIRL would like to say, “Oh he hangs out at the corner bar every night. That’s why we bought the house we did near that bar so he could walk home.”

Can he do anything on his own?

Why, don’t you get the salt out and just rub it in the cut. This has to be the absolute most horrible thing to ask someone.

The GIRL would like to say, “oh yes, he can destroy a house in about 10 minutes. What day did you say that brunch was at your house?”

You know… my niece, or is that my 2nd niece, in Allygoodville works with those types of kids?

What, I can’t believe I just heard that ‘those type of kids.”

The GIRL would like to say, “GREAT, why don’t you write her name , number and address down so I can send her another one of ‘those kids.”

We can go on and on and on and on, just like the BOY. Feel free to share one of those comments that you would like to say, “take that comment and shove it.

Here is the bottom line……………Speak the truth, don’t act like you know the answer if you don’t, always think how that question would make you feel it you were a parent of a child that required additional supports and ALWAYS abide by the Thumper Rule. IF YOU DON’T HAVE SOMETHING NICE TO SAY, DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL.

Oh, another fast favorite, “oh I’m sure he’ll grow out of it.” Lady, he’s 25 …when do you think that will happen. You maven moron.

Feel free to leave one….

School Systems Still Segregate


Human or not we are a product of our environment. W. Clement Stone says, “You are a product of your environment. So choose the environment that will best develop you toward your objective. Analyze your life in terms of its environment. Are the things around you helping you toward success – or are they holding you back?”

Well, that’s a damn good question to ask our school systems in most states.  Isn’t it a wise decision to put all the kids with autism that have bizarre behaviors together so they can learn from each other (their environment)?

OH YES….that takes a high degree to figure that out.  WRONG…it’s just the easiest thing to do, so it is done.  Oh, there’s Johnny with Autism.  He has some bizarre behaviors….just put him in THAT class.

Think about it  humans……do you not act like your friends?  Heck the GIRL says that every day her autism continues to develop….she spends so much time with the BOY and others with autism that she instinctively can pick up what might set them off.  She says her life filters are down from being around autism so much. If I am only in the kennel running with the dogs, do you really think I understand any other way to act. NO I RUN WITH THE DOGS!

If a child sees another child with bizarre behaviors get attention in the classroom what do you think that child will start doing?  We all love attention in one form or another.

When the BOY was going into 3rd grade the GIRL was tired of driving him 40 minutes each way (she didn’t put the BOY on a school bus until middle school, because she hates school buses.  Nothing with the BOY.  He loved them, so she gave in to her hate in middle school) to and from the school where they threw all the kids with the “A” problem.  She went head to head with the district to bring the BOY to his home school (a home school is the area that you live).  The fight went on for weeks.  The school district gave one excuse after another, but after much deliberation and good strong documentation and the law on her side the GIRL won and the BOY was the first of 1,500 kids in his home school with autism and a paraprofessional to help him with tasks that he needed assistance with.

Now I’m not saying that kids without autism are better behaved than kids with autism.  Truth be told, give me a kid with autism. They usually don’t pull my hair or tail, but typical development is typical development.

Parents MUST take the time to educate themselves on the law.  I can tell you most principles don’t even know it.  Learn IDEA, Learn 504.  Use them.  Your child has RIGHTS.

When do we STOP segregation?  When do we START looking at individuals as individuals and if you tell me they do that on an IEP (Individual Evaluation Plan) well let me just vomit all over you right now.

Be kind support autism…peace hugs love a doodle


there are several links out there with information on laws.  here are just 3.  Learn it…use it….it’s your child…

http://www.wrightslaw.com/   great educators on the law and rights

http://idea.ed.gov/   IDEA

http://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ocr/504faq.html   504 law

Bite Autism Speaks in the Ass


I, as a doodle, would like to bite Autism Speaks in the ass. I’d take a big ol’ bite too. One that would put them out of commission for months or years just to heal. WHY? Because they aren’t actually helping individuals with autism NOW. They take a huge amount of money out of local communities and don’t even give a pawful back. Don’t get your pants in a bitty. Hear my bark. Do your research!

When the Wrights first founded Autism Speaks the GIRL thought it was going to be great because Bob Wright was NBC’s Universal Chief and she thought this would really put autism on the globe and in households as a common word. Basically it has done that, but along the way lost its focus. It appears it has clearly become something about ‘power,’ ‘money,’ and ‘polotics.’ Not about individuals with autism and local communities.

Autism currently is occurring 1 out of 68 births. Amazing isn’t it? Damn, that should scar any doodle and any person who is donating money to autism to make sure that it is going to places that is going to directly help individuals.

Those of you that are donating to Autism Speaks and supporting them in any way, I strongly urge you to look at their financial records. Do you know they are paying salaries over $450,000 a year? Yes, you read that number correctly. Do you really think an organization that is to support people with autism or any disability should be paying salaries in that range. Don’t you think that a portion of that money should be going back to families?

Then they come into your town and host these huge Autism Walks. Oh, you can’t wait to get your team ready, make your shirts, pay your walk fee and even raise extra dollars to support autism. You think you’re doing good. You have not done good. YOUR ARE STEALING FORM FAMILIES AND PEOPLE WITH AUTISM. ARE YOUR PROUD TO BE A THIEF? Do you know that they average about $200,000 a walk? How much of that money do you see for your loved one with autism? How much money could you use for your loved one with autism? Do you know what $200,000 in the hands of a good organization could do for your loved one with autism?


Every year they march into your town and tell you what a wonderful job they are doing for your child and in reality what have they done for YOUR child? It’s your money they are taking. Reminds me of the old Medicine Shows with traveling horse and wagon teams who peddled “miracle cure” medications and other products between various entertainment acts. You giving Autism Speaks money is no different than buying from the medicine man thinking it’s going to cure you. Shame on you. It has to stop. Too many local families need support and they are not getting it.

It gets me in a furball mood when I hear families complain about nothing being done for their loved one in their local community and they point their fingers at their local community service providers saying they are not doing anything.

GET WITH IT PEOPLE. AUTISM SPEAKS IS SUCKING THE MONEY OUT and decreasing the chances of your family member with autism getting support.

Typically your local community service provider is funded by the state or a local grassroots non-profit. Do you know what that means? Little to no money, but people who truly care about the individual with the disability are working there and I can assure you they are paid about 1/8 or less than Autism Speaks personal, and yes, they have highly qualified degrees. Now you go give your money to Autism Speaks or you ‘light it up blue,’ or some other stupid thing like that and guess what? That small non-profit or state agency doesn’t give a piss hole bucket back from Autism Speaks to do something for your loved one with autism. So…….that is why you sit begging, screaming and demanding more….BUT you are doing that from the wrong people…They don’t have the money because you gave it away to HOLLYWOOD, POLITICS AND FANCY LIFESTYLES.


we need more things to help us not steal from us~

Article to read. Remember Autism Speaks is a non-profit organization and their financial records are open to the public. Please look at them and think about what they have actually done in your community and for your loved one with autism. We will forgive you if you gave to them in the past. But stop, do the right thing.


Be Kind Support Autism peace hugs love a doodle



I am really very tired of people saying how awesome autism is.


It’s that plan and simple. Yes, you heard me …..it sucks. I want to bark it as loud as I can, but before you judge my words….understand what I bark.

Does the GIRL love the BOY?

Oh course she does, but she would love him as much without autism and life for the BOY, the GIRL, the dad that died, and every other family member would be so much easier to live without this damn autism thing controlling it.

I really get so tired of people talking about how great autism is. What is so flippin’ great about autism? You tell me what is good about autism? I really want to hear and I don’t want to hear something like, “well they are kind sweet people.” BS, you think the BOY wouldn’t be sweet without autism? People say that autism defines who they are, well again I’m going to say you define who you are….. not autism.

OK, don’t misunderstand me. I am not asking for a cure here. If I am asking for anything I am asking for a way to decrease the severe symptoms in some to make life more tolerable for those on the spectrum that need it (I have met many with the GIRL that autism does not CONTROL they lives, but many it does). Why is it that life is just so darn difficult for some?

I watch the BOY so many times want to do something and then that darn autism gets in his way and he can’t get around it. It’s like a big bully blocking him from doing what he wants to.

The GIRL sometimes will tell the BOY that he needs to get it under control and the BOY answers he can’t. WHY? It’s that bully autism getting in the way.

Yes, sometimes it makes me angry. Angry because I watch the BOY work so hard for so many things and he is controlled by this Autism thing.

Years ago the BOY started noticing he was different than his classmates, so he thought if he changed his name he would be the same as the other kids. Now we understand that everyone is different and this is a blessing, but he just wanted to fit in. You all know the feeling, because I am sure at one time or another in your life you too wanted to FIT in.

For weeks the BOY continued to change his name from Tom, to Dick to Joe, to Anthony and so it went Clark, Harris, Mandel and so on, BUT that damn autism kept kicking him.  The GIRL told him he could not change his name everyday. If he insisted on a different name than he would have to pick his first name, middle name or last name and stick with it.

The BOY chose his middle name. He still uses it many years later (the GIRL is happy because it is what she wanted to name him anyway) and the damn autism still controls him.

So, yes, autism sucks. It controls many individuals and until we can learn how to help those with autism not be controlled by it…..I, the Doodle will continue to say.


Be Kind…support autism (even if you hate it, because it’s really the person you are supporting) peace hugs love a doodle.