Autism Wears Blue Suede Shoes


So you think you should be wearing these blue shoes of mine do you? I’ll gladly allow you to put them on if you feel you need them.

I’m sure after a mile or two you’ll find they definitely aren’t the right pair for you even if they are your size.

Yes, I know you think that blue shoes are special and they are the thing to own and you’re jealous when you see them on me and you wish to the moon and back that they were yours, but like I said before, you will probably only get a mile or two and they’ll start to really hurt and you’ll gladly give them back.

You see these are my blue worn shoes and only I have learned to wear them through pain and years. Yeah, yeah, I’m sure you think you can handle them just fine and would wear them so much better than I. So I guess it’s one for the money two for the show
. Three to get ready now go, cat, go.

I know you are so jealous of these blue suede shoes I wear. You think to yourself they are the most beautiful shoes you have ever seen. What soles they have for their age… and how graceful they move through the day. They must fit perfectly, after all the GIRL is always smiling who wears them, and she knows everything. She works right in the blue suede factory.

Yes, life in those blue suede shoes must…

no it has it to be PeRfeCt.

If only I had them my life could be too……

I do think you should know that some days the pain with them is intolerable. I am grateful that I have learned to just sit back….

take them off

and put up my feet to think that this moment in time shall pass too.

When you have finally learned to wear blue suede shoes as one should… you learn….It’s all moments of time and they all pass…….. some just take a little longer than others. So I sit and wait….and you learn…. You learn to some days …. never put those shoes ….and other days you wear them all day….. with a smile

Stories are stories, we heard them since childhood. They are embedded within our minds. Because the prince always saves the princess especially when the shoe fits.

But…..I stand within these shoes to say the shoe may fit but you may not be able to walk all day in them… please don’t just judge by the shoe or the smile… truly doesn’t resemble what it all’s about or how an individual may have the ability to hide the pain or walk the walk everyday, every hour.

Oh, by the way please don’t step on my blue suede shoes. I truly can’t take on another load. I may have a smile but that’s not really what is inside…..You see some of those indentations on those shoes are from people stepping on them everyday and everyone continues in their own way so please…. hear my pleas and lay off of my blue suede shoes. Really this is not a quest it’s a plea. I am old, so are my shoes, and so is my soul. Your eyes may tell you something different when you look but…please don’t….. I honestly can’t handle more….my back is becoming weak…my heart hurts and my soul is tired, so please don’t step on my blue suede shoes…

The spots….what are the spots?……those my friend ….those are the tears that I cry almost everyday asking G-D for the strength to continue to wear shoes of such beauty….because I know the strength and the quality of these shoes….and most important…..I believe…..

I believe that ANYTHING in these shoes is possible with love, patient, tolerance, support and more love…it is ALWAYS POSSIBLE…

The discoloration….oh well…that’s just trying to squeeze through situations where you are so frighten that you leave scrape marks on the side.. trying to gracefully get through…or from the night that you just continued to ask for one more knowing you were safe with the people you where with to get you home… just to kill the pain that you where feeling for weeks or months and somehow, someway without anyone really knowing you just had to get it out even if it wasn’t who you are and had to stab it even if it meant that you couldn’t put the shoes on for two days later and the people you spent that time with never really know who you were…..even if you wanted them to.

Yes, I wear these shoes. I wear them everyday and I love these shoes more than anyone can ever love a life, but G-D sometimes they hurt so bad and make me wonder …….CAN I really continue to keep these shoes.

Oh that dent in the side…..well that was just like any other morning and it was either I hurt the one I love or slam into the wall….I choose the other as always….they are only shoes…they are older….they can take the slams….The one I love is just trying to make it his own way through the day…

They may not appear as what they really are. You see I truly love these blue suede shoes and yes I know they are a gift from G-D, so I treasure them every moment of every day, but some days they are just harder to wear than others, so please bear me the moment to adjust to the extra discomfort on any particular day and again please don’t step on my blue suede shoes. I am doing the very best I can……can you not see…..

The soles ….oh yes they are very aged ….years of day in and day out of trials and tribulations ….people always continue to provide their input for what will work….BUT they don’t wear these shoes….they really don’t know….I am sorry blue suede shoes just don’t fit like others…..they are different…

And I stand as strong as I can say G-D,   “well, you can knock me down, step in my face
 Slander my name all over the place 
Do anything that you want to do 
But G-D, please let the people lay off of my blue suede shoes

Please understand the wearer is only human…. doing the best they can…and so grateful that you have finally taught us to ask……and ask…..and even beg if we have to….we love these shoes…..we love them with them with every breath…because we know…we know every spot, every crinkle, every mark, every dent…every thing about them…they are mine…they are love…they are life… they are you…G-D….give them the chance… dance!

peace love hugs a doodle…support autism…

Bite Autism Speaks in the Ass


I, as a doodle, would like to bite Autism Speaks in the ass. I’d take a big ol’ bite too. One that would put them out of commission for months or years just to heal. WHY? Because they aren’t actually helping individuals with autism NOW. They take a huge amount of money out of local communities and don’t even give a pawful back. Don’t get your pants in a bitty. Hear my bark. Do your research!

When the Wrights first founded Autism Speaks the GIRL thought it was going to be great because Bob Wright was NBC’s Universal Chief and she thought this would really put autism on the globe and in households as a common word. Basically it has done that, but along the way lost its focus. It appears it has clearly become something about ‘power,’ ‘money,’ and ‘polotics.’ Not about individuals with autism and local communities.

Autism currently is occurring 1 out of 68 births. Amazing isn’t it? Damn, that should scar any doodle and any person who is donating money to autism to make sure that it is going to places that is going to directly help individuals.

Those of you that are donating to Autism Speaks and supporting them in any way, I strongly urge you to look at their financial records. Do you know they are paying salaries over $450,000 a year? Yes, you read that number correctly. Do you really think an organization that is to support people with autism or any disability should be paying salaries in that range. Don’t you think that a portion of that money should be going back to families?

Then they come into your town and host these huge Autism Walks. Oh, you can’t wait to get your team ready, make your shirts, pay your walk fee and even raise extra dollars to support autism. You think you’re doing good. You have not done good. YOUR ARE STEALING FORM FAMILIES AND PEOPLE WITH AUTISM. ARE YOUR PROUD TO BE A THIEF? Do you know that they average about $200,000 a walk? How much of that money do you see for your loved one with autism? How much money could you use for your loved one with autism? Do you know what $200,000 in the hands of a good organization could do for your loved one with autism?


Every year they march into your town and tell you what a wonderful job they are doing for your child and in reality what have they done for YOUR child? It’s your money they are taking. Reminds me of the old Medicine Shows with traveling horse and wagon teams who peddled “miracle cure” medications and other products between various entertainment acts. You giving Autism Speaks money is no different than buying from the medicine man thinking it’s going to cure you. Shame on you. It has to stop. Too many local families need support and they are not getting it.

It gets me in a furball mood when I hear families complain about nothing being done for their loved one in their local community and they point their fingers at their local community service providers saying they are not doing anything.

GET WITH IT PEOPLE. AUTISM SPEAKS IS SUCKING THE MONEY OUT and decreasing the chances of your family member with autism getting support.

Typically your local community service provider is funded by the state or a local grassroots non-profit. Do you know what that means? Little to no money, but people who truly care about the individual with the disability are working there and I can assure you they are paid about 1/8 or less than Autism Speaks personal, and yes, they have highly qualified degrees. Now you go give your money to Autism Speaks or you ‘light it up blue,’ or some other stupid thing like that and guess what? That small non-profit or state agency doesn’t give a piss hole bucket back from Autism Speaks to do something for your loved one with autism. So…….that is why you sit begging, screaming and demanding more….BUT you are doing that from the wrong people…They don’t have the money because you gave it away to HOLLYWOOD, POLITICS AND FANCY LIFESTYLES.


we need more things to help us not steal from us~

Article to read. Remember Autism Speaks is a non-profit organization and their financial records are open to the public. Please look at them and think about what they have actually done in your community and for your loved one with autism. We will forgive you if you gave to them in the past. But stop, do the right thing.

Be Kind Support Autism peace hugs love a doodle