Autism Storms the House


It was a difficult day for all of us. The weather was beautiful and the GIRL had big plans for all of us to spend most of the day outside enjoying it, BUT autism got in the way today and we spent most of the day being quiet and trying to ride out the autism storm that was brewing inside the BOY.

The BOY has been doing GREAT. We have had very few eruptions in the last several weeks. Just the other day at the doctor’s office the GIRL said we were all doing awesome. Perhaps she spoke to soon, perhaps the change in the weather is just too much for the BOY.

As any other Saturday the BOY was up bright-eyed and busy tailed well before 6am. The GIRL and I decided to hang around in bed for a while enjoying the cool crisp morning air. We finally got out of bed around 7:15am. This seemed to start the hurricane within the BOY. The GIRL is assuming he wanted us up earlier so he could come in the GIRL’s room to collect her clothing from the day before and night so he could start his Saturday laundry.

Agitation begins.

The GIRL and I go out for our morning walk. I was loving life today. It was cool and I was frisky. YAHOO. We are gonna go out all day. The GIRL was feeling good too in the crisp weather. We took a 2 mile walk and returned home.

The BOY was dress like it was ten below outside and he informed the GIRL it was cold outside and the GIRL said, “well it’s not really cold it’s CHILLY.”

Lava building up quickly to spill over!!!! OH NO…NOT CHILLY.

The BOY then starts to perseverate that it is not CHILLY it is COLD. 10, 20, 50, 100 times he repeats this and starts his over correction with the GIRL and ordering her to say things the way he wants them said. YES, you read it right he says, “I order you to say…….”. The GIRL always replies with the only ORDERING done around here is in a restaurant and we aren’t in a restaurant.

Me, I’m hanging out by the front door. The GIRL has it open with a gate in front for the cool, crisp, clean air to come in the house and oh the neighbors are doing a garage sale. There were a lot of new cars pulling up and lots of strange people walking very close to my door and I thought I should probably bark at those humans, after all they could be coming to harm the GIRL and the BOY.


The BOY begins smacking himself in the head, calling me a stupid idiot, the GIRL, his when really angry, GOAT FACE and smashing his hand on the table, sofa and throwing the stuff on the coffee table.

Now usually I go in on these storms and I can stop him but today, well I just knew it was too bad a storm and if I went in I probably would not have come out. So the GIRL and I backed off. The GIRL instructed him to go to the other room to relax.


He continued to hit himself in the head, break the bed, rip the stuff off the wall and scream at the top of his lungs. I was like GIRL we have to go in and she said, “NO, he needs to calm, we can get hurt.”

Calming in our house typically is to shut down things that stimulate senses. So off goes the TV and I don’t bark and the GIRL doesn’t talk. We become QUIET.


About an hour later the BOY was somewhat calm. Three hours later we decided to try to run some errands. It wasn’t the worse day we had out, but it wasn’t pleasant either. The GIRL knew the BOY was on the edge of eruption the mere 2 hours we were out so not wanting another storm of such magnitude we came home.

It appears that the weather always has an effect on the BOY. Maybe it’s the sensory thing of going from shorts to pants. We live in Florida, so most of our year we are in shorts. Maybe he doesn’t like the feel of that and it just makes everything else harder to deal with on a daily basis. Maybe it was because yesterday was Halloween and he hates Halloween. He wishes that someone, somewhere, somehow would steal this holiday and never brings it back. Sometimes these eruptions are from things in the past that he just runs over and over in his mind until he breaks. We never know. 

Each day is a new day. Life isn’t always as we plan it but we always try to make the best of each of our days. Thank goodness for tomorrows.


Are Foul Odors Associated with Behavior?



Sunday…..what an interesting day to say the least. The morning started out GREAT. The GIRL told me we were going for a ride after our errands and lunch. I love rides, especially with the top down.

We all did our little Sunday chores, got dressed, and started to run some of our errands before we had lunch and our “BIG” ride. The BOY was in a happy mood. We were all happy. It was a beautiful day!

First stop Target to get me food, and treats, and vitamins for the BOY. Next stop JoAnns to purchase some more crafty junk. Yeah, the damn GIRL likes to craft. I’m like hey craft me a rub down, but she makes all sorts of junk and is happy doing it. Guess she needs something to do that she likes.

Today for some strange reason my stomach was acting up. It was, well you know, gassy. The line in JoAnns was rather long and my belly was starting to hurt, so I very quietly tried to politely release some gas thinking my stomach would feel better. One in the line quiet foul smelling release, two quietly released in the line and on the third one the BOY starts up, “What is that smell, that smell is horrible, I mean that is a really bad smell, eeeewwww that is GROSS.”

I’m like dude, come on I’m your best friend, I’m trying to omit this foul abhorrent smelling odor without anyone noticing. BOY, come on, don’t rat me out. HELL NO THAT DIDN”T WORK. Now the farts are coming faster and stronger and it’s our turn at the register. The BOY continues, “EWWWWW, that is really gross, what is that smell.” The girl at the register was trying to be polite and didn’t really look the GIRL in the eye, she politely put one hand sorta over her nose and the other to scan the items. RIP……ah, I am feeling a bit better getting that out, but must admit is reeking in the aisle.

Now the BOY gets really loud and people are starting to look around, “what is that GROSSSSSS smell, oh, man THAT REALLY STINKS.” The GIRL at this time wants to put a plug in my butt, or walk out the door and leave the purchases or just have the floor open and suck her in, but being the pro she is. She just smiles at the cashier and says, “thank you so much for your help.”

The BOY is still saying how bad the foul odor as we depart. The GIRL immediately takes me over to the grass area and tells me to get busy (busy is my word to go, you know take a poop). But, but, I’d don’t have to go, I just have gas. After some time the girl is like forget it and we all load back in the car. The GIRL is hesitant about this because the car is rather small, so she puts the top down.

Next stop lunch. YUP, pizza restaurant, you know where we know everyone by name, and all about their families. Gas still coming. Pizza and foul smelling orders don’t mix well and I think it got the boy. He was still continuing to complain about the odor when the food came. One bite and he lost it. “That’s it, it’s gross, I can’t eat it. I’m not hungry.” The GIRL asks for the check and a box, collects the food, pays the check and out the door we go.

My stomach is much better, but the BOY wasn’t. He starts hitting himself in the head and yelling at the GIRL that he was going to tell his father and then in the next breath saying right he couldn’t tell his father cause he died at the temple. (I’ll tell you that story soon, but yes, sad to say the BOYS father died). The GIRL tells the BOY he needs to relax, or they will have to go home. The BOY can’t relax. I’m just hanging in the back. I give the BOY a nudge to say like come on dude we don’t want to go home already, my stomach is better I won’t smell any more and he yells, “DOODLE DON’T TOUCH ME.” Hits himself in the head, shakes his body and calls the girl, “GOATFACE.” That dreaded word…..this continues for about 5 more minutes and the GIRL makes the executive call………..


Home we go. The GIRL and I go for a LONG walk when we get to the house leaving the BOY to relax. When we return the BOY is fine. He is calm and relaxed and the rest of Sunday was a breeze.

I had no idea that farts could set off such behaviors. Note to self…research….do foul odors trigger behaviors. Oh well! There’s always next week for the long drive. Ah, the life of a doodle.

Support Autism peace hugs love a doodle.


Sometimes it’s hard to tell what sets a behavior off and sometimes it’s just to hard to work through the behavior. Let the people relax. Give them space, give them time. Everyone will be happy in the end.

Food Reactions


The holiday day I didn’t get to take is over and it’s time to get back to the non holiday work days (what’s the doggone difference. I don’t know. I’m a damn Doodle) Let’s get one thing straight I really don’t do mornings. I hate mornings. The only good thing about mornings is the GIRL and I go for a long walk and we pee on every corner and sniff every tree. Well actually I do that , not the GIRL. SHE just says, “Doodle it’s the same spot as yesterday, can we speed this up” I wish I could say GIRL do I speed you up on the white seat …..


When we return from our walk the GIRL starts breakfast. I LOVE BREAKFAST. The BOY, well he just isn’t too fond of it. In fact the BOY isn’t too fond of food period. HE has a rather limited diet that the GIRL is always trying to increase and from what I understand this has been going on since he was a very young pup. SHE used to have strange ways of attempting to get food into him, from trying to make chicken strips look like French fries to feeding him in a very dim room, watching a movie in a stroller. Whatever it took to get food down the BOY, the GIRL would do. Most of the time it was an EPIC failure. However, she would always say, “thank goodness he is healthy, and never sick.”

The BOY’s diet is NOTHIN’ a DOODLE really LIKEs except for the meat. He eats Caesar salad, tomatoes, green olives, claussen dill pickles,, peanuts, McDonald French fries, popcorn and he will eat meat ONLY if it is made with Montreal Steak Seasoning, so all the meat and chicken tastes the same. His all time favorite is pizza. Every time we go out to eat it has to be a PIZZA place so the BOY will eat.

WE KNOW EVER DAMN PIZZA RESTAURANT IN TOWN. I HATE PIZZA. I bet you don’t know the names of every employee in every pizza restaurant in your town.


I don’t get it. I DIG food and pray everyday that the GIRL will give me the leftovers. The GIRL LOVES to cook and if a Doodle may say, the GIRL can COOK. YEAH RIGHT, me get leftovers. She says I have to keep my figure.

FOR WHAT I’M A DOG. PEOPLE LOVE FAT DOGS. Heck the GIRL can use a diet and I LOVE HER.

This morning the GIRL decided to make bacon and eggs. SHE very carefully made sure that the bacon had just the right amount of crispness and the eggs weren’t too soft or too hard. SHE put a small amount of eggs that could easily be picked up with the fork (the BOYS fine motor skills are about as good as mine are to eat with utensils with my paws) and SHE put the perfect amount of ketchup (typically a preferred condiment by the BOY) very carefully on each little mouthful

SHE called the BOY to the table and I was like GIRL WTH are you thinking? Are you hitting the cold medicine again, HELLLO are you awake????

BOY: “I don’t like eggs and bacon. They’re yucky. YUCK I HATE BACON AND EGGS. I’M NOT HUNGRY. MY STOMACH IS STILL MAKING THAT GRRRRR GRRRR GRRRR (now this is where I start to loose it. WTF is with that GRRRR GRRRR sound. Dude you need food eat the damn eggs and bacon). I don’t want the eggs and bacon.”

GIRL: “Your stomach is making that noise because it needs food. Eat the eggs and bacon.”

BOY: “YUCK. YUCK YUCK YUCK. I HATE BACON AND EGGS. I WANT CHEERIOS (yeah right BOY….you only eat 2 tablespoons of those when you have them) My stomach is still making that GRRRR sound. I DON’T WANT BACON AND EGGS. YYYYYUUUUUUCCCCKKKK.

GIRL: “You need to take at least one bite of egg and a piece of bacon.”

BOY: “it’s gonna be YUCKY. I hate bacon and eggs. I want cheerios. My stomach is making that GRRRR GRRR sound.”

The BOY eats a bite of the egg and then the bacon strip. I’m thinking BOY don’t eat it maybe SHE will give it to me.


GIRL: “you need breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I’ll get you cheerios.”


The GIRL gets him a bowl of cheerios.

The GIRL sits to eat her bacon and eggs, which are now below room temperature, and I’m still thinking OH YEAH DOODLE IS GONNA GET BACON AND EGGS.

I’ve got one word for that …….WRONG. Sometimes I feel like the SHLEMIEL* that never gets the BONE.

The BOY eats his usual 2 tablespoons (yes, she feeds him with a tablespoon thinking he may get a bit more in his mouth at a time) and……

BOY: “I’m finished. I’m not hungry. My stomach is still making that GRRRRGRRRR sound.” He gets up from the table with his bowl and he is DONE. He cleans the bowl and places in the dishwasher eagerly waiting for the moment that he can press START, after all there are at least 2 glasses, a bowl and at least a fork in that dishwasher.

The GIRL attempts to finish her below cold bacon and eggs and very quietly reminds herself that this is just a moment in time and it too shall pass.


Eating is a common problem with most individuals with ASD. It’s difficult for family members and concerns family for long term health as they age.


*born loser